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Coastal charms of Southeast Laconia

The southeastern region of Laconia boasts two of the most popular tourist spots, namely, Elia and Plytra. These coastal areas are renowned for their breathtaking beaches, luxurious yachts, and vibrant bars that exude a cheerful ambience. The charm of these places is such that tourists from all over the world eagerly visit them.

Elia is ideal for swimming, fishing, and savouring delectable food. It serves as a perfect pitstop for travellers en route to other parts of southeastern Laconia. In recent times, Elia has also emerged as a hub for investment opportunities, given its charismatic appeal.

Located just a few kilometres south of Elia is Plytra, a stunning harbour that houses a beautiful beach and port. It is a bustling spot during summer, teeming with fun activities and young crowds. Plytra's bars are a must-visit, and it has witnessed a tourism surge without compromising its traditional essence. Visitors should explore the seaside village, Roman ruins, and Paleokastro, which offers a unique view from the cliff top.

Archangelos, a quaint town along the seafront, is another must-visit destination. Its crystal-clear blue waters hide the remains of an ancient city submerged in 375 BC. The town boasts of picturesque views, making it a worthwhile stopover on your way to or from Neapolis.

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