The castle and its besiegers

The history of Monemvasia is rich and fascinating. Its natural fortress has remained intact for thousands of years, coveted by emperors, kings, counts, and sultans for its strategic location and trade benefits. Today, visitors are transported back in time as they enter the magical castropoliteia and explore the diverse origins and architecture of buildings around them. With chapels, a mosque, and an archaeological collection to discover, there is no shortage of cultural treasures to uncover.

And for those seeking a place to stay, the well-preserved hostels and apartments within the castle walls offer a chance to immerse oneself in the aura of this legendary rock. At the top of the meandering walk uphill, the church of Saint Sofia awaits a Byzantine monument that has stood since the 12th century. From this vantage point, visitors can take in the breathtaking view of the Myrtoon Sea, feeling the cool breeze and a sense of fulfilment.

While some have referred to Monemvasia as the "Small Gibraltar" or the "Venice of the East," its unique beauty and mystery beckons visitors to discover it. Why wait? Come and experience the wonders of Monemvasia.

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Local Doctor's Office 27320 61204
POLICE 27320 61210
PORT POLICE 27320 61266
MUNICIPALITY 27323 60000

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