Discover Laconia’s Breathtaking Wetlands

Laconia, the captivating region of Greece known for its diverse landscapes, is not just about stunning mountains and picturesque beaches. It’s also home to some incredible wetlands that are a feast for the eyes and vital for various species of plants and animals.

The Evrotas River Delta: Where Nature Flourishes

Named after King Evrotas of ancient Sparta, who ingeniously constructed a canal to channel stagnant waters to the sea, the Evrotas River is the lifeblood of this fertile valley. Its journey begins in the lofty peaks of Taygetos and Parnon, winding its way down to the beautiful Laconia Bay, where it forms the exquisite Evrotas Delta.

This delta is not just any wetland; it’s a designated protective area within the prestigious Natura 2000 network. Nearly 200 aquatic and wading birds find refuge alongside various plant species. It’s a thriving ecosystem where nature showcases its grandeur.

One of the delta’s most remarkable guests is the sea turtle “Caretta-caretta” (Chelonia mydas and Dermochelys coriacea). Every year, these majestic creatures choose the Evrotas estuary and the Laconia Bay coast to lay their precious eggs. With around two hundred nests adorning the central seafront of Evrotas and the beaches of Vathy, Mavrovouni, Selinitsa, and Valtaki each summer, this area becomes a vital sea turtle nesting ground.

To ensure the safety and preservation of these nests, the ARCHELON Association has established a Field Station here. Volunteers work tirelessly to protect these nests, actively participating in programs to study and safeguard the sea turtles’ reproduction.

Strongyli Lake: A Haven for Migratory Birds

Not far from Agios Georgios and situated across from Elafonisos, Strongyli Lake is a small but vital lagoon. This area acts as a haven for numerous species of migratory birds. Stretching along the shoreline from Pounta Beach to Maganou and Neratziona Beach provides a crucial stopover for birds on their long journeys.

Lagoon of Gerakas: Nature’s Work of Art

In the tranquil southeastern corner of Laconia, nature has sculpted a masterpiece: the Lagoon of Gerakas. This lagoon is a testament to nature’s creativity and precision. Its pristine beauty is nothing short of awe-inspiring, making it a unique wetland in the region.

As you explore Laconia, take advantage of the opportunity to visit these remarkable wetlands. They not only offer stunning vistas but also play a crucial role in preserving the rich biodiversity of this enchanting Greek region.